Pay Per Click Services

Pay per click marketing

Pay Per Click, also referred to as PPC. Pay Per Click is the vital part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and a useful Internet advertising model to increase traffic for the targeted websites and its targeted keywords/key phrases and targeted locations. In PPC, each click by the visitor is payable by advertisers with the amount the keyword was bid.

Pay Per click is the most growing and popular marketing and advertising industry worldwide, especially in Malaysia in recent years. PPC is a cost effective marketing tool and has many advantages over the traditional media such as radio, TV, press, magazine, and online banner ads.

How Pay Per Click ads become your traffic generation tool.

By the use of PPC your online advertisement will run for 24*7. If your business website is shown more often on search engines, it will then promote brand value for your business or website. In other words, your products and services will be highlighted to target audience and then almost immediately, you’ll get best results and best ROI.

That means PPC will give, more targeted audience, more valuable inquiry, more sales, maximum ROI!

Advantages included in PPC!

Cost Effectiveness – In PPC, you need to pay for your advertisement only when, someone, who is your targeted audience click on that ad, rather than paying more money to media that tell you how many distributions and audience they have, but fail to tell you how many of them are targeted.

Instant Gratification – PPC gives the facility to you to start your online ads campaign instantly and also give facility to visitors to take actions to know your business or website instantly. How often do we go back to our PC and still remember the website we listen or see outside and manually key into our browser?

Greater Exposure – As we know that, Approximately 80% of web searches start from a search engine. PPC advertising allows more prospects to reach your ads for your product, service or contest.

Analytic Measurement – All your spending is transparent with a detailed report, regarding which click comes from where and converts.

Control – Pay Per Click Advertising allows you to set your budget, cost per click and daily limit. Advertiser can pay happily for more targeted click but never worry for overpay.

Relevant and High Conversion – Because of your ads display to the visitor when they search on particular keywords, you are more relevant to the prospects and most likely they will click your ads.